Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mariyah Gallery in Dumaguete

We were in Dumaguete recently and since we did not chance an organized tour that day, we checked out the brochures from the Dept. of Tourism and decided we'll go to the museums by ourselves.  We went to Mariyah Gallery and found treasures of mixed media - mostly mural paintings, terra cotta and wood sculptures of the siblings Danilo 'Danni'  Sollesta and Cristina 'Kitty' Taniguchi.  Mariyah Gallery is at Larena Drive, Bogo Junction, Dumaguete City, Philippines (Tel. #: (63) (35) 225-1687)

From our downtown Hotel in Perdices St.,  we took a tricycle ride to Mariyah Gallery.  The gate was closed but unlocked.  We let ourselves in and Dave roamed around until he met Danni   at the backyard.  They fetched me in  front as I can't get enough pictures of the treasures they have in front. 

Dave admiring Danilo Sollesta's work of art.
At the back, I introduced ourselves to the two artists.  Kitty was working on her terracotta sculpture.  Both artists are unassuming and down-to-earth.  We did not know that they are world famous with several art exhibitions behind them, and more art exhibitions in the future.
I wonder whose work this gorgeous lion is, Danni's or Kitty's.  Looks like Kitty's!

Samples of  Kitty's  Terra Cotta bricks

Kitty's works are more sunny and bright.

And a little normal romance, that's Kitty's style.

The above three mural paintings are Kitty's - colorful, sunny  and bright

Danni's colors are ghastly, but nevertheless unforgettable

Danni's men are pretty, and  all the women have full breasts

The above three mural paintings are Danny Sollestas's
I am no art connoisseur, so I can't speak the art lingo, but I noticed that Kitty's works are more 'normal' while Danni's are more on the side of macabre and grotesque, like they're  challenging the viewers, testing their limit as to what is reality.
Danni's baby-like bodies with big tits in unimaginable positions

Half human, half animal with baby-like plumpness, that's Danni's style

This is almost a yoga pose if not for the twisted head

The above four sculpture are Danni's.  Isn't the above gargoyle what nightmares are made of? 
Just so you sleep soundly tonight, look at Kitty's work of art again.

And yes, here's something to meditate with, fresh and pristine, at their front yard!
Danni's work of art - strong women with glorious tits

Dave and ever so patient Kitty, answering Dave's gazillion questions

Brother and sister artists - Kitty (Taniguchi)  and Danni  Sollesta

I won't pass the opportunity to pose with the artists too :))

Meeting Kitty and Danni is one of the highlights of our trip to Dumaguete.  Thank you so much for the generosity of spirit and warm hospitality, Kitty and Danny. 

For more about Kitty, here's her website: 

For more about Danni, here's his website:


  1. I used to be with Ate Kitty Taniguchi when I was abt 18 year's old.. Seen her as an artist , as a mom, a wife , and a business woman.. a very simple yet very loving person.. I actually used to sing at Galleria Maria Christina . The place is about everything. A gallery , a home , a bar and restaurant and a beautiful japanese garden ! Some of her most beautiful works of art are not shown here , but one thing is for sure.. Ate Kitty , you're the best !!! (( i've shown this page to my office mates just today .. ))) It's by coincidence that my office mates are so fond of arts too ,then I started searching for your name on google. And there you are!!! I miss you ...

    1. Thanks for your comments redrivervalley. I'm sorry that I have not replied sooner. Kitty's updated website with images of her works are here:

      Also, I have transferred my popular posts from different websites in this blog:


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