Friday, March 23, 2012

My Paradise

How fast time flies.  We moved here in 2007, and I always refer to this place as the Paradise.
The facade at Del Pilar St. (Formerly Montelibano St.)

I am easy to please: as long as I am with my loving family and   the place has a nice garden and a swimming pool, it is paradise for me. 
The poolside where the socializing always take place

My Paradise was called Marmont Resort Hotel before, and according to this site this was a wonderful place in the '80s,  "This was the biggest, most modern hotel in the area,  it was hard to get a room here! The building is just off the National Highway in Barrio Barretto, outside Olongapo."  In fact until now the place is always fully booked. We had to wait for several months to get a hold of a small room, and waited again for couple of months to transfer to a bigger place.

 I have met  many retired service men who reminisced of fabulous parties and grand weddings held here in the 80's.  This was the place to see and be seen before, with its beautiful rooms, some with circular velvet beds and classy paintings.  There is even a helipad to accommodate helicopter landings of the officers from Subic base.  I've heard that only the officers were given accommodations here at that time.  This was the hangout of movie stars and Generals before.

Later it was called West Bay Apartelle, I guess  when part of the complex was owned by the bank, although most of the taxi and tricycle drivers still refer to it as Marmont.    Last December,  the bank sold its part of the complex to a new co-owner, Mr. Bong Sangco, and Marmont is now named Bella Monte Hotel. 

Mrs. Maritess Sangco, Mr. Bong Sangco's wife gave a surprise birthday party for him recently, and we tenants were invited and enjoyed the celebration. 

The buffet

Mixed-raced kids are common here

Tons of yummies
Ground meat for tacos

For Tacos

Fried Prawns
Lumpiang Shanghai
Chicken Lollipos
Yummy Mamon or cupcakes
Yes, Happy birthday Mr. Sangco

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