Sunday, November 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

While we were in Las Vegas, we rented this Toyota Yaris car.

Going down our hotel,  Binions, this is the view.  Is that an Asian woman at the right side?

On our 2nd day, Mike treated us to a buffet lunch at the Palace Station.

Dave calls this monstrosity.
Every day, every night it's tour time for Dave and me.

This is on on our way to the comedy show.
Dave's favorite hangout - comedy shows.
As you could see from my red face, I was drunk.  The three of us went for a roller coaster ride, the Desperado.  My lungs got tired from screaming.  The two young Americans who arrived earlier than us were thrilled to see me ride with them, the only rose among the thorns.  They gave me the thumbs up sign, but I could see the glint in their eyes.  Yeah, yeah, later I found out it's the thrilll of their life to be screaming of exhiliration.  I was screaming of fright and exhiliration too, hehehe.
 Every night, there's a play of light. 

This is the view from our hotel at night.

And this is the view at dusk.

I so enjoyed times with Mike and his wife, Nancy

They are so sweet together,  and they make delicious food!

Richard is a character. 
Richard, our redhead friend brought us to an art show. Sorry, can't post more pics about it as picture taking is prohibited at the gallery. The paintings - modern, op art, impressionistic, etc. were all in the 3-storey building. The viewers are mostly artists, and some are just art enthusiasts like me :) The art viewers were art in themselves - they came in all kinds of "costumes" - Gothic, sexy, punkish, old fashioned metallic or casual just like us. I enjoyed some finger foods - Mediterranean style - hummus in pita bread, olives, cheese and crackers and some were able to swing wine. The greater adventure is that Richard's car conked out earlier and we had to push it. we meaning Dave, Mike, Richard and I. We were heaving and hooing until  African American guy pushed it hard until the car started with Richard inside of the car of course. Wow, that guy smelled so good!

Love Las Vegas?  Here's a good guide to max out your Las Vegas experience!

This review is from: The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2011 (Unofficial Guides) (Paperback)
We'll be in Las Vegas in early November. We're staying at the MGM because of a conference. While we are Las Vegas veterans, we still need to keep up with all the new things that have taken place. We like to keep up with the best restaurants, and this book has provided some insight and what to expect. This book is very comprehensive, and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you're a veteran of Las Vegas or you're a newbie. We'll be staying for about a week, and we're making lists of restaurants to try and places of interest, especially the shows. It's well worth the price.

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